3 Bedroom / 2.5 Bathroom

Unit Type 3

Drawings for marketing purposes only and subject to design development.
Unit types are typical, and adjustments may need to be made pending orientation and location on Site Development Plan (SDP).

Kindly note that these images are for 3D visualisation purposes only and the look of the final product may differ from these images.

All 3D visuals and marketing material are artistic representations shown in a mature landscape indicative for the Development. Actual hard and soft landscaping proposal implemented for the development may vary.

Unit Type 3B

  • Ground Floor (Ex. Garage) 80.8m2
  • Single Garage 20.5m2
  • First Floor 46.6m2
  • SUB TOTAL 147.9m2
  • Covered Entrance 3.0m2
  • Covered Stoep 14.4m2
  • SUB TOTAL 17.4m2
  • 3. PERGOLA
  • Pergola Over Parking 12.5m2
  • Pergola Over Garage 3.6m2
  • SUB TOTAL 16.1m2
  • TOTAL AREA (1+2) 165.3m2

Unit Type 3 B Map
Unit Three


NOTICE: These drawings are only an indication of the planned installation.

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